Flashback Fr…Saturday! Takamoto Fall Family Shoot

November 27, 2010

Hey McBloggies! Apologies for missing actual Flashback Friday this week, I lost track of the days. So we’ll have a flashback weekend for you since I missed it!

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too, & that you were able to stop to remember who & what you’re thankful for this year. I’m so excited to share these flashbacks with you because they were from our Thanksgiving abroad last year!

Micah & I went to visit my best friend in Japan last year, & were hosted by our friends for a few days in the Kansai area. I’ve known the Takamotos since I was in high school, but I’ve really known them as Megumi’s family in Japan. I’ve seen their family grow, & we were so blessed to celebrate Thanksgiving with them last year. We had a feast of food (from a small kitchen!), played in the “Turkey Bowl” (a kickball game with specially picked teams), enjoyed Sue’s legendary lattes, Eric’s delicious sweet potato hash, & enjoyed watching “Up” together before it was released in Japan. Micah & I laughed as we would wake up to little eyes looking through the crack in the screen door of the guest room to see if we were up yet, & we loved playing with their dog & their new baby too. We’ve even adopted a new Thanksgiving tradition inspired by this special family – every time we look back on these pictures we’re reminded of how life-giving & refreshing our time with them was.

Alright now on to their fun fall family shoot!

Japan’s fall colors are amazing, & we had so much fun playing in the leaves at the park. Big brother & big sister surprised the rest of their family with a shower of leaves –

But we still ended up getting some precious shots of the entire family together – I just love how all of their personalities shine through each image. We caught so many awesome expressions – & it was great because although Sue & Eric did want a good image (aka everyone looking at the camera) for their Christmas cards, they also just wanted images that truly captured their family at this place & time. So the funny faces & expressions, or the “I’m tired of taking pictures now” looks were just as good for them!


o_i_tak 2-tall_blog.jpg
Takamotos-0253_blog.jpgFunny fact about this shoot – we had one of our 5D Mark IIs & one Panasonic Lumix point & shoot. Micah thought it’d be funny to do a shoot with a p&s camera – but he mostly assisted in entertaining the kids. He’d give piggyback rides, let them chase him, or suggest that they throw leaves at each other (or him). =)
tak 2-tall_blog.jpgBaby I: “Hey Molly, whatcha looking at??”
Everyone got their winter gear on!
winter hats tak 2-tall_blog.jpg
Takamotos-0211_blog.jpgThis picture makes me laugh EVERY TIME I see it. 
Takamotos-0187_blog.jpgAnd thanks to Auntie Megumi for being our candy briber – we carried lots of gummy bears & Hi-Chew candy to keep the kids happy!
Takamotos-0179_blog.jpgCome back tomorrow for Flashback Fr…Sunday, more pictures from Japan!

  1. Megumi

    November 28th, 2010 at 12:08 am

    Whoo hoo! Can’t wait for Sunday!

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