Flashback Fr…Sunday!

November 28, 2010

Welcome back to our Flashback Weekend – exactly one year ago we were vacationing in Japan, & we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Takamotos, traveled through Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe & Osaka, & of course enjoyed Tokyo Disney Sea & Tokyo Disneyland. I had always wanted to show Micah all of the places I had visited before, & we both were excited to see all of the Fall colors too.

It’s funny to think that at the time our little bean was still just a thought – we took that big trip hoping that sometime in 2010 we’d be adding to our family, & now our son is here! We don’t have that many pictures of us together since we’re usually the ones behind the camera, but there are so many from this trip. The funny thing too is that we have some pictures with the Takamoto’s baby, & people would laugh because they said our baby might end up looking like him someday. What do you think?

Some of things we loved in Japan – their buildings, their transportation (bikes, subways, trains), & their intense ads. Oh & the awesome hot or cold vending machines everywhere, & their drinks that look like Tabasco.

Our first days were spent with my best friend in the Tokyo area, then we went over to Kobe & Osaka. We rode the shinkansen (bullet train), which was one of Micah’s requests for the trip. Enjoyed some Kobe beef of course, & shopping too! We picked up some clothes for me, since everything in Japan is made for people my size =) Also found our cool Fuji Instax mini there too.


After a few days with the Takamotos, we spent a couple days in Kyoto. We walked through a ton of famous temples & the parks around them, had fun at Kyoto Station/the Cube, & stayed in a tradition Japanese inn (ironically named Yamada Inn).


Having a grand ole’ time traveling with our buddy Jeff!

Fully enjoyed playing tourists at the Tokyo Disney Resort. How awesome are these ear warmers? Micah might not like that I’m posting pictures of him wearing mine, but I couldn’t resist.


Using the team approach, we successfully tried almost every flavor of popcorn in the two parks – they have a special flavor in each ‘land’ at Disney Sea & Disneyland, along with super awesome popcorn carriers.


We came home with so much cool Monster’s Inc stuff. Seriously, they make being a tourist extra fun =)

We ended our trip exploring the Tokyo area, & meeting up with some old friends too (hi Lyndsey & Erika!) It was so much fun traveling in Japan with Megumi again, & getting to introduce Micah to all of it too.
Someday maybe we’ll get to go back, maybe with our little bean too?
Japanbook113_blog.jpgThanks again for joining us for this Fall flashback weekend!

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