6 months… {life}bythegilmores

April 13, 2011

For some reason when I think about how fast time is going by I hear Seal singing, “Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin, into the future…”  It’s true though.  That Seal.  Wise dude.  Hah!  These past six months have changed our lives in so many different ways.  Even still, and I’m sure for quite some time, there will be continual changes in our rhythm of life, but we love it.  It’s hard, but we still love it.  The biggest reason why we love it -is our little man…

with his charming smirk…


and his baby smoldering eyes.

Landon has completely spoiled us.  Needless to say, it isn’t always easy.  I almost feel like maybe I should post an image of him absolutely throwing a fit, just so there’s some balance!  Maybe in a future post, haha.

Christie and I were talking the other day in the car on a drive home from a shoot, about what we love about our son.  Christie said she loved how his face lights up right as his smile starts to curl.  I love his deep, hearty laughter that comes from the gut and when he gets so psyched and happy that he starts kicking and squirming, we call it his happy dance.  The best part about his happy dance is that sometimes he doesn’t even smile when he does it, that’s when he is seriously happy…with an emphasis on the seriously.  Maybe we’ll post a video of it some time.

It’s hard to believe he is six months already. Wow.  Ok, I’m gonna go listen to some Seal now.



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