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May 1, 2011

Hi Mcbloggies!

I’m a little late on this one – I can’t believe it is MAY already! As photographers, everyone asks us if we have millions of pictures of our son…and we do have a lot, but not as many as you’d think. I have a lot more pictures on my phone than I’ve taken with our other camera, but this month I think we did a better job. To keep myself more accountable I’m going to try to do monthly posts – 1) so I remember what we did as a family that month, & 2) so we’ll actually take more pictures!

It’s a lot more fun now too because Landon was actually REALLY camera shy for the first few months – it was extremely difficult to catch him smiling on ANY camera – phone, 5D Mark II, point & shoot, instax mini, flip cam…didn’t matter. He’d be smiling and laughing, and as soon as he saw the camera, *booom * – NO EXPRESSION. Now he seems to enjoy it more, so it’s a lot of fun catching his cute expressions!

Here’s a mix of photos from a few different cameras (iphones included!)

At the beginning of the month we realized that Landon likes to dress just like daddy. (aka Dad likes to pick out outfits to match his son’s)

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Landon got mail from his auntie & uncle in London, and the package said “Royal Mail” on it – Uncle wants him to be a Spurs fan, so Landon will cheer for his team happily!

Celebrated his 1/2 birthday, (aka celebrating being parents for 6 months) with burgers, fries, and shakes…& a donation in his name too.

Said goodbye to Micah’s old Honda Accord, his trusty car of 12 years. It saw him through high school & college, road trips up the coast, turnarounds to Vegas, our cross country roadtrip, & many drives back and forth to San Diego when we were dating. As our friend said, it’s the end of an era, but we’re thankful that the car will have a new life with a new owner.

Celebrated our first Easter as a family of 3! Here’s our boy being excited about the “eggs” I made for him (inspired by the paintchip eggs making their rounds on the blogs!)

I chopped off a foot of my hair for the 5th time (I like drastic haircuts) to donate to Locks Of Love. Was glad that my boy still recognized me.

And he got a new hat since it’s been extra sunny lately. He started to enjoy sucking his thumb (and fingers), has the heartiest baby laugh, & loves to make fish face.

Thanks April, you were a fun month! Now on to crazy May!

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