John + Melody {wedding} part 2 bythegilmores

May 13, 2011

Alright as promised, here’s part 2 of John + Mel’s day!


Right before the ceremony the girls & Mrs. T spent some time praying for Mel. I always enjoy taking that last moment to stop together – and even though we’d all done a pretty good job at NOT crying, some of the tears started here. I know this next picture isn’t perfect, but something kept me coming back to it –

We were joking together in the bridal room about carrying kleenex, how to discreetly (& quietly) blot your tears, betting on who we thought we cry first – or the most. Or would Mel cry? Would her DAD cry? I wasn’t sure if I would or not – I had been ok up to this point, but I have been friends with Mel since Jr. High, when you talk about what your wedding might be like or who you might marry. I was ok all the way up until I needed to walk down the aisle – and then all of the sudden it really hit me. I think I walked too fast, I was holding my bouquet really tight, and when I got to the front, I leaned over to my friend and said “I’m totally going to cry.” (as in RIGHT NOW). When Mel walked down, I cried, but most of all I cried happy tears as we all worshipped together in song.

Their ceremony was beautiful, & I’d say the picture above sums it up – lots of laughter & happy tears, often at the same time. Their letters to each other were hilarious & quirky, & totally them – & we all thought it was funny when John said “We have rings!” even though there’s nothing else you can say.

Leading up to their big day we had lots of “get togethers” aka “factory work days” at Mel’s place or at Wintersburg Presbyterian Church. All of the programs were hand made – printed, folded, punched out, stamped, & bound by Mel & her bridesmaids & family. And being the crafty lady she is, she used the punch out from the programs as the tag for the favors! (Which were packaged & tied by her brother & mom).

Then Mel hand wrote all of the water bottle placecards, which led us to our seat where we were greeted by our own individual Martinelli’s bottle. Not only does Mel love sparkling apple cider (it’s always part of her “perfect date”), but she worked really hard to find a deal, buy, and transport all of the bottles too.

The reception hall looked so fun with their blue & apple green colors + the bird theme. Mel is also a scrapbooker, so it was fitting that all of the table numbers, ‘flying’ birds, & little birds in the centerpieces had the scrapbook feel. Do I need to mention that they were also hand made & hand cut (yes, every little bird), along with a team of people who made festive tissue poms to hang?

The wheatgrass centerpieces topped it off, and were perfect with their colors!

Here’s just a few of the bridal party entering the reception after our introduction video. And yes, that is Landon (not Mel & Ish’s baby) – my parents brought him for the reception, so he wore his blue & green & posed with the new Mr. + Mrs. for their first Christmas card photo.


Can’t go wrong with Lucielle’s bbq! mmmm apple butter + biscuits!

Mel *surprise* MADE their “2 peas in a pod” cake topper, and all of their dessert bar labels too!



Landon sharing the last dance of the night with his new best friend, Mrs. T! And a picture of us with the newlyweds – sorry we ruined the picture with our funny faces, hah!

John + Mel, we hope that you are loving the Mr. & Mrs. club! Now that we are ‘neighbors’ we’ll have to get together more often – go grab food at our favorite Thai place or something. Or Lucielle’s. Or anywhere with good food of course. Mel, I still can’t believe you’re married now (& that I’m a mom?!) Seriously, when did we get so old! I’ve had so much fun growing up with you (literally), & am so excited for this new season of life for you. We love you guys!

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